Learn About Modern Method Home - Unique Home Decor

Modern Method is a curated collection of unique and inspiring home accents, design elements, and women’s fashion. We present a broad spectrum of high-design goods ranging from Versace Home to handcrafts. The synergy of our collection is the power of the pieces within it. The design makes us fluid. Beauty makes us smile. Art keeps us whole. The details that surround us give us the balance we crave in life.

Our company’s theme is to find items that you don’t know you are missing until you see them. We are constantly searching for objects of inspiration to share with our customers and friends.




Our story began in 2019 following years of inspiration bred from travel. We have spent years crisscrossing the globe in search of the perfect next piece for our collection. This journey has taken us from carpenters in Lima to coffee roasters in Istanbul. We cook with olives grown in Montoro and share tea with vendors in  Marrakech.  Design is bred from culture. Culture is created from mutual understanding. Sharing experiences opens one’s eyes to the luxury of craft. We built Modern Method as a platform to showcase the beauty of Culture.

Design = Cure
The cure to boredom. The cure to the ordinary. The cure to the mundane. Design is an element in life that intersects everything. It is the detail that makes things complete.

Heritage = Forever

Time-proven methods never fail. Globalization and disposable design have attempted to create shortcuts in an effort to mute the voice of heritage. We refuse to allow the song of craftsman’s tools to be muted by the hum of assembly lines. Uniqueness is luxury.

Sustainability = Future

We cannot move forward without protecting our earth. The resources that we remove must be replaced.  We share this earth with many other species. Our support is behind businesses that care about what they do.

Fair Trade = Fair

Prices are the least protected at the bottom of the food chain. This includes not only the farmers of raw materials but also the processors and craftsmen. We work with companies that demand and pay a fair wage.


We seek to provide a collection of special items that open your heart and mind through your eyes. We work with manufacturers and vendors who honor the past while protecting the future. Attention to detail is a luxury. We want to protect the artisanship and craftsmanship that has built a world full of inspiration.

We want to be inspired and inspiring by showing the perfection and symmetry of nature. We fight to protect the tradition of our manufacturing partners against mass-market products. Made By Hand, Fair Trade, Sustainable protect history and allow for a future. Craft is art.

You didn’t know that you needed it until you were incomplete without it!

- Paula Solano
Founder - Modern Method